This Is Me

I'm so excited for you to click and read my first blog post!

  As a 16 year old trying to gain traction in the diverse world of fashion blogging, it’s important to me that my personal style is conveyed in what I do. I’m not even positive where this blog will go, but I’m excited to see what’s in store. I’ll be sharing details about outfits, new stores I visit, cities/travels, any sales I find, and product reviews. Also, I LOVE working out! Some of my favorite workouts and foods will be tucked in here and there. 

The takeaway I hope people get from my blog is that style should be personal. Mix in what you like, and wear what you’re confident in. Contrary to what a lot of girls believe, there is something fabulous and chic for every body type. I happen to be 5’3″ with some curves…Can I get an AMEN? I love and admire all of you tall people (you rock). My point is, I  understand the struggles of finding clothes for different body types. Often when I’m shopping, I notice things that I think would look so good on my friends, but not particularly on me. So it’s not all about the trend as much as dressing for your body. A good trend is fun, though!

My personal style is very eclectic. I mix and match old and new, trends and classics, and prints galore. It consists of old school charm with the most current trends. I love to pioneer the latest fads in apparel and explore my own niche. I pay attention to upcoming styles, and the first thing I always try to do is find something old in my closet to make new again. 

Thank you for reading! Enjoy exploring my page! Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

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  1. Love your blog!!


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